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Complete the form below and we'll be in touch.  We are working on our new online system - but we're super happy to have you on board!

Membership year starts on 1 September annually.  (Account details below).
(Memberships signed up after 1 July will roll forward to the following year)

Option$ Cost
Family (2 Adults + kids)$25
Visitor Pass (valid for one day at Uenuku Pines)$10

Please pay to our account:
Ruapehu MTB Club
38 9010 0886213 00 - Kiwibank
Reference your name and Membership

Check here to get all the details and Terms and Conditions relating to the use of Uenuku Pines MTB Park

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Thanks for choosing to be part of the team. We will be in touch shortly with next steps, occasional news. Don't forget to connect with our Facebook page to see our latest projects and oppoertunities.