Ruapehu Mountain Bike Club - Uenuku Pines Trails

Have fun but respect others & the environment!

The way you ride & conduct yourself with others, and the respect you show to the environment has an impact on how Ruapehu MTB Club is seen by our community. Please be a considerate trail user and help give Ruapehu MTB Club a great name.

All our tracks are on private land that we have been very kindly granted access to from Uenuku/NZ Forest Managers.  We rely on solid relationships that have been developed over many years with the landowners and managers, so that we can have access to these great locations, to be able to build trails and for everyone to enjoy on their bikes.

  • All users must be members of Ruapehu Mountain Bike Club and display a valid current membership tag.
  • You are responsible for your own safety on the tracks. Show consideration for other track users and travel in the correct direction on all one-way tracks.
  • Usage of the tracks is at your own risk. Ruapehu Mountain bike Club will not be responsible for any injury, damage or cost you may suffer or incur.
  • Read and observe all warning signs. Stay on the tracks and do not use any tracks that are taped off.
  • Riders are advised to always inspect structures before attempting them.  Never assume that an obstacle is the same as when you last rode it.
  • All rubbish must be removed.
  • All powered vehicles are prohibited.
  • No smoking or fires allowed.
  • Do not damage, cut or remove any vegetation.
  • Dogs must be always kept under close control and must not become a safety hazard for other users. Please remove all your dog’s poo.
  • No horses are allowed on bike tracks.
  • Riders must always wear a helmet.
  • If you notice something that isn’t right – please let us know so it does not become a hazard for another fellow rider.
  • You must exercise caution and not ride tracks that are beyond your level of ability.

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