Trail Status

Trail Status for Mountain Biking Trails at Uenuku Pines MTB Park

Status : Open - experienced riders recommended. There is no signage in place at the moment so please check in with us if you are not sure where to go.

Ye Old Mill Road

Access trail from Ye Old Mill Car Park into the trail network



Access/climning trail that connects Ye Old Mill Road into majority of the downhill trails.


Cog Wild

Moderate flow trail with a variety of table top jumps suitable to intermediate-advance riders. All features are either rollable or capable of riding around.



Moderate flow trail starting off with a gap step down style jump, this can be avoided for riders who do not want to hit jump. Winds through some young pine trees before leading into a fun little jump section at the bottom before connecting onto Rakehead.


Loose Chain

Downhill Trail, Description to be completed


Ball Bearings

Downhill Trail, description to be completed



New Downhill Trail! Boost is located near the trail junction where Cog Wild and Crank meet eachother. Boost is a new downhill trail that starts off in a clear cut area with a mellow step down into a couple of berms and jumps. You will dive into a native bush section before riding into a section of trail in the existing pines that will then lead back out into the lower clear cut area. Best to scope this trail out first! Description to be continued...


The Hub

New trail coming, description to be compeleted


Outer Rim

Description to be completed



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