Trail Status

Trail Status for Mountain Biking Trails at Uenuku Pines MTB Park

Uenuku Pines MTB Park is OPEN

Experienced riders are recommended.

There is currently limited trail signage and maps available throughout the park.

Please reference the below map.

Any questions, please contact us - we are always happy to help you out and give recommendations on trails to ride. Over summer we run our weekly Wednesday Night Rides, these rides are the PERFECT opportunity to learn and ride the trails in the park and meet our volunteer club committee members and local riders that frequent the Uenuku Pines MTB Park.

Ye Old Mill Road

Access trail from Ye Old Mill Car Park into the trail network - leads into the junction of Rakehead and bottom of Ball Bearings, Boost and Bent Spokes.

Ye Old Mill Road has small jumps along the side of the trail. All jumps have an alternative line around for riders who prefer not to hit the jumps.

There is a series of jumps for when you're riding from the Carpark into the trail network, and then 3 jumps as you are riding out of the trail network and returning back to the Carpark.


Access trail that connects Ye Old Mill Road into majority of the downhill trails. Rakehead starts with a winding climb up the hill while riding through the Douglas Fir trees that were not effected by the 2022 felling. There is a series of switch backs and gentle rolls as your climb up the hill.

At the top of the main climb, you will come out into the clear cut area and will arrive at the junction where Rakehead meets the top of Bent Spokes and bottom of Crank. You can keep RIGHT on Rakehead and pedal through the clear cut area and along the edge of the young pines tree line where you will eventually meet the top of Ball Bearings and shortly after reach the trail junction of Crank, Cog Wild and Boost.

Riders can ride Rakehead downhill to connect back onto Ye Old Mill Road. Riding Rakehead downhill will provide an alternative downhill trail to get back to Ye Old Mill Road for riders who do not want to ride Boost, Ball Bearings or Bent Spokes.

Cog Wild

Moderate flow trail with a variety of table top and small gap jumps, this trail winds through the young pine trees. All features can be safely ridden around for riders who prefer not to hit the jumps.

The trail starts off with 4 jumps at the top and then leads through a series of corners before approaching 2 more jumps. You will then cross over a small bridge and have gentle pedal through the pines before coming across a few more jumps. the final gap jump will lead you into the bottom of Cog Wild and into the junction of Crank, Boost and Rakehead.


Boost is downhill trail that starts off with a step down into a series of corners and jumps before diving into the native bush and douglas fir trees. You come meet a gap jump as the trail switches from the native bush into the douglas fir trees, riders can choose to go over the jump or keep right and ride safely around it. From here you will have 2 more corners before crossing a small bridge and entering into the final jump section through the clear cut area and to the bottom of the trail. Once at the bottom and on a dirt road, keep right and pedal towards the top of Ye Old Mill Road and start of Rakehead. Turn right onto Rakehead and pedal back uphill towards the rest of the trails or head onto Ye Old Mill Road and back towards the carpark.

Ball Bearings

Once you start, just keep on rolling!! A fun trail with a couple spicy corners as you ride down the main fall line, this trail parallels Boost.

Start with riding through the clear cut area and then get ready to drop into the Douglas Fir trees. The bottom of Ball Bearings will bring you out to the junction of Rakehead and Ye Old Mill Road.

For riders that like to spice things up a little - scope out the main roll after the right-hand corner that leads you into the Douglas Fir trees and look for the possibilities of catching some air into the first corner. Need some inspiration? Check out our Instagram for video clips of Matiu, Greg and Zach following eachother through this trail!


Moderate flow trail starting off with a gap step down style drop, riders who prefer not to hit the gap can safely ride around the feature. After the drop, the trail has gentle cruise through the young pine trees. Towards the bottom of Crank there is fun jump line. All the jumps can be ridden around or safely rolled over.

At the bottom of Crank you can keep right and continue down to Bent Spokes or keep left and ride into the clear cut area to meet Rakehead - form here you can either turn LEFT and continue up Rakehead or choose the mellow cruise DOWN Rakehead.

Loose Chain

The NEWEST addition to our trail network in March 2023!!!

This is a grade 2 flow trail that can be enjoyed by a variety of riders. This trail has plenty of small rolls and corners. You can comfortably ride this trail with keeping both wheels on the ground, or carry a little extra speed and seek out the rolls to double or jump over!

This is a perfect trail to build confidence on pumping over the rolls, riding through corners or working on jumps before trying out the jumps on Cog Wild!

Bent Spokes

A trail that winds through a native bush section. The trail is off camber and entertaining to ride for riders who enjoy trails that make use of the natural terrain.

This trail starts near the bottom of Crank and will lead you out to the start of Rakehead.

Future Jump Line

Future trail that will parallel Bent Spokes and provide an alternative downhill trail at a gentler gradient. Our goal is to create a series of jumps and hips down this trail by making use of an old trail line.

Lower Loose Chain

Future trail development, more details to come.

The Hub

New trail coming, description to be completed.

Outer Rim

Description to be completed


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